Web Server

Apache Optimization

MaxClients ————— The number of worker processes is limited by the parameter MaxClients. MaxClients = Total RAM dedicated to the web server / Max child process size. The default value of  MaxClients is 150. If we have a server with 1gb of ram and  child process take an average size […]

PCRE Library Not Found: Nginx compilation

The HTTP rewrite module requires the PCRE library during the Nginx compilation. The PCRE package contains Perl Compatible Regular Expression libraries useful for implementing regular expression pattern matching. If PCRE is not installed on the server, it will result in the following error message during the Nginx compliation: checking for […]

How to Install and Configure Apachetop

Apachetop is a curses-based top-like display for Apache information, including requests per second, bytes per second, most popular URLs, etc. Apachetop watches a logfile generated by Apache (in standard common or combined logformat, although it doesn’t (yet) make use of any of the extra fields in combined) and generates human-parsable output in […]