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Latest build: Visual Dialplan 3.2 (build 3.2.00)
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Visual Dialplan overview


Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is modern rapid application development platform for Asterisk dial plan development.

It comes with drag-and-drop visual modeling environment and large component library, handy dial plan samples, powerful validation engine, and single button deployment functionality. It even learns about Asterisk server configuration – Asterisk server configuration reading module connects to the Asterisk server, pools the server configuration data and then pre-populates library components with configuration objects. Visual Dialplan detects remote Asterisk server version and accommodates its behavior accordingly. And there are other cool features like export graphical presentation of the dial plan to image file etc.

* Next generation development platform
Drag, drop and connect components to make company IVR, create call center queues, inbound and outbound call flows, use ASR, TTS, and more.

* Large component library
Visual Dialplan provides full access to Asterisk dialplan potential. It comes with powerful additional components and ready to use dialplan samples.

* Support for Free PBX, trixbox, PIAF, LumenVox…
Visual Dialplan supports Asterisk GUIs like: Free PBX, trixbox, PBX in a Flash and Elastix. It also supports LumenVox and Cepstral.
Click here to learn how to use Visual Dialplan with FreePBX, and to get real world dialplan sample for FreePBX.

*, Gmail, Exim, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase…
Integration Server simplifies work with database, emails and payments. Easily execute SQL queries, send emails and process payments directly from Asterisk dial plan.

* Powerful validation engine
It even learns about Asterisk server configuration, pre-populates library components with configuration data and validates dialplan accordingly.

* Automatic dialplan upgrade
Visual Dialplan will perform most upgrade tasks automatically and provide hints on possible issues or suggest manual updates where needed.

* Single button deployment and handy export
Export to image file and share graphical presentation of the dialplan, or deploy it with a single press of a button using integrated SSH client.

Visual Dialplan Code Zone overview

Visual Dialplan Code Zone is a website for developers to find solutions, share ideas and solve problems.
It includes a wiki containing tutorials, code snippets, dial plan examples and tools to simplify development and testing.
Visual Dialplan Code Zone

What is new in this release?

Visual Dialplan 3.2 comes with credit card processing support, more dial plan samples and improved GUI integration.

Visual Dialplan Professional 3.2 highlights:
– Credit card processing via
– Improved integration with Elastix PBX, Free PBX and other GUIs
– More dial plan samples
– Various bug fixes

Learn how to create Asterisk PBX dial plan

Educational movies explaining how to create Asterisk PBX dialplan using Visual Dialplan for Asterisk, step by step, are available at:

Image Image

Click here to get typical SOHO dialplan – simple IVR, inbound and outbound call flow, voicemail, DISA and other dialplan functions.


Benefits for Asterisk dialplan developers:

  • Never write a line of code anymore, simply drag, drop and connect dialplan blocks to make company IVR, Call Center queues, inbound and outbound call flows, voicemail boxes, conferencing etc.
  • Use samples (templates) to create standard dialplan in minutes. We make dialplan development easy and fun, no need to have Asterisk dialplan experience to create large dialplans.
  • Create complex dialplans in a convenient, intuitive and natural way using comfort of a modern Rapid Application Development environment without sacrificing functionality and capability of a standard Asterisk dialplan

Benefits for Asterisk consultants and professionals:

  • Easily maintain and manage complex and large dialplans

Benefits for Asterisk management and GUI vendors:

  • Enhance your Asterisk based solution by plugging in Visual Dialplan and providing innovative dialplan management solution to your customers


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