Automatically call all phones to check if they work

1. Description: The purpose of this system is the automated testing of all accounts which can receive calls, with the Echo() application. It is based on a bash script which creates a call file and an extension in the dialplan. Basically when the system is started the script selects all […]

Asterisk Installation on CentOS

The first step that you should make is to you to choose which version of Asterisk you want to install. * Asterisk 1.2 – the stable version * Asterisk 1.4 – the version that is currently in beta testing When you know which version you want to install download the […]

How to create a Callback option

1. Overview This tutorial will show you how to create a queue, where your incoming calls to arrive. Noting so special, but we are also going to show you how to give a choice to the callers – they will be able to leave the queue at any time and […]

CIITIX-VoIP 1.0 How-To

This document can be a used as a rough guide to installation of CIITIX-VOIP on a persistent media. It also describes the basic usage. CIITIX-VoIP is a carrier grade VoIP server distribution, leveraging upon the great efforts of the open source community. CIITIX-VoIP is based on rock solid Debian Lenny. […]

How To Install Asterisk For Your First PBX Solution

Asterisk is one of the best telephony solutions which is free to use. There are others such as yate that provide same type of solutions and even more custom ones. Due to the easy of implementation Asterisk has become more popular than anything else. Asterisk is very easy to use […]

Apstel Visual Dialplan for Asterisk

The fastest way to build Asterisk dialplan Latest build: Visual Dialplan 3.2 (build 3.2.00) Read here what is new in this release or watch overview movie at YouTube or download full functional trial version Visual Dialplan overview Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is modern rapid application development platform for Asterisk dial […]