You may receive the following message on accessing a VPS from the host server:

# vzctl enter 101
enter into VE 101 failed
Unable to open pty: No such file or directory

The reason behind is the missing tty/pty files OR the udev devices.

There are two ways of creating

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them, using the ‘MAKEDEV’ program OR copy the files from the host server itself.

Solution 1.

To create using the MAKEDEV program, execute the following commands on the host server:

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# vzctl exec VEID /sbin/MAKEDEV tty # vzctl exec VEID /sbin/MAKEDEV pty

You may need to update the startup files as well, so execute:

# vzctl exec VEID update-rc.d -f udev remove

Once the files are created, restart the VPS.

# vzctl restart VEID

Solution 2.

Directly copy the tty/pty files from the host server to a VPS with the following steps:

# cd /vz/root/veid/dev/ # rsync -a /dev/*  .

and restart the VPS. You should now be able to enter the VPS.

  • To fix the issue permanently,

1. Edit the file /etc/rc.sysinit of the VPS server:

# vi /etc/rc.sysinit

2. Search the line “/sbin/start_udev” and comment it


3. Add the following lines after /sbin/start_udev commented line:

/sbin/MAKEDEV tty /sbin/MAKEDEV pty

4. Now, reboot your VPS

# vzctl restart VEID

where, VEID is the VPS id of the vps in question.

} else {