You may receive the error message while starting a VPS on OpenVZ server.

vzquota : (error) Quota getstat syscall for id 101: Inappropriate ioctl for device
vzquota init failed [3]

This is a typical Quota error message on OpenVZ servers while starting a VPS. The message indicates that you need to initialize quota on the VPS. You can follow the below steps to correct the issue

rm -f /var/vzquota/quota.101
vzquota drop 101
vzctl start 101

where, 101 is the VPS ID.

If you continue to receive the same error message while starting the VPS,

1. Make sure the server is booted with the OpenVZ kernel, you can check that out using

uname -a

2. The vz service is online.

service vz status

if not, restart the vz service

service vz start

Once you confirm the above two things, start the vps again with the vzctl command.