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Adding an ISO repository on XenServer 5.5

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XenServer create local ISO Repository (LVM)

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Shell Script To Bridge Multiple Network Interfaces on Xen host to Guests VPS

Save script as /etc/xen/scripts/network-xen-custom with the following content: #!/bin/sh # network-xen-custom # Exit if anything goes wrong set -e # First arg is operation. OP=$1 #shift script=/etc/xen/scripts/network-bridge case ${OP} in start) $script start vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0 $script start vifnum=1 bridge=xenbr1 netdev=eth1 ;; stop) $script stop vifnum=0 bridge=xenbr0 netdev=eth0 $script stop […]

XEN Virtualization Set The MTU For xenbr0 Interface

I’ve already written about setting the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) under Linux including Jumbo frames (FreeBSD specific MTU information is here). With this quick tip you can increase MTU size to get a better networking performance. How do I setup MTU under XEN xenbr0 interface? You can easily set MTU […]

Xen on Debian Etch

I’ve been testing out a few virtualization systems and am sofar very pleased with Xen. Installing on Debian Etch couldn’t be easier and it worked straight out the box – I had my first virtual server running in under 15 minutes flat! Use the following commands to install Xen on […]