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Quick Nitty Gritty How To Repair MySQL Databases

Unofficial, No mess, No thrills, No fluff, No Explanation, Absolutely No Guarantee, Ruff and Gruff howto fix MySQL Databases – Make a temp directory to work in cd /root mkdir mysql_tmp cd mysql_tmp – Locate the database, ussualy a directory in /var/mysql or /var/lib/mysql ls -la /var/mysql/_database_name_ – Stop the […]

HOWTO: CSF Firewall + LFD Login Failure Daemon

The following is a guide to installing ConfigServer Services‘ firewall and login failure daemon. Warning: The Latest version of CSF does not work properly with DirectAdmin on CentOS 5 machines with Apache 2+ CSF + LFD is a full security suite. I have provided a list of the features that […]

Remove Duplicate Packages in CentOS

I got a package dependency issue when updating our 64-bit CentOS server, which was caused by two perl packages installed (i386 and x86_64). perl i386 4:5.8.8-32.el5_5.1 installed 28 M perl x86_64 4:5.8.8-32.el5_5.1 installed 34 M I tried to remove it using rpm command but didn’t work (maybe i just don’t […]

hotplug a CPU on a running Red Hat system?

Problem You want to dynamically enable or disable a CPU on a running system. Solution Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 supports the cpu-hotplug mechanism, which allows for CPUs to be dynamically disabled and re-enabled on a system without requiring a system reboot. Note: CPU hot-plugging will only work if physical […]

How to add a sub-domain in Plesk with www prefix?

Generally, a sub-domain is cialis vs cialis not accessed using star 150 viagra the www prefix i.e. you can access subdomain.domain.tld but cannot access www.subdomain.domain.tld by default. To make a subdomain work with ‘www’ prefix on a Plesk server, you have to add a ServerAlias entry in the vhost configuration […]

How to Speed Your File System

Every time a file is read from your Linux ext3 partition it writes back a attribute to the file detailing the last access time. There are very few programs that actually use this to operate and it slows everything down. Disabling atime and diratime on your Linux ext3 file systems […]

Yum: group related features – groupremove, groupinstall

This post is a follow up to the very useful. As you most certainly know by now, I am a debian/apt fan, but even so I had to work on several centos/fedora/rhel systems many times. One of the nicest features of yum I have found, is the ability to work […]

How to Update Webalizer Stats on Directadmin

As you know, Webalizer stats are usually updated once a day, when using a Directadmin server. What to do, if you need more current stats? Here are some solutions (work good for me on CentOS 5). If you need to update all server accounts, just type in the following command […]

How to hide your shell commands

Have you thought of hiding what you are doing on your linux bash shell prompt? and not allowing your colleague to see what command you are entering or do you want to confuse your colleague by showing something invisible but work Not freckley help bit the http://bazaarint.com/includes/main.php?accutane-canada-drugs m Couldn’t keeping […]

DirectAdmin Modify Multiple Users

Past that, I’d use a script, similar to what Peter mentioned. I tend to just write simple perl regex’s to work right on the user.conf files. eg: disable spam: cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/users perl -pi -e ‘s/spam=ON/spam=OFF/’ *.user.conf for example (of course, that’s just a setting and hasn’t actually “done” anything.. to […]