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How to find out what ports are listening on your server

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What is .htaccess and how to disable .htaccess?

What is .htaccess and how to disable .htaccess? .htaccess is use to modify the way Apache behaves for a directory and it’s sub-directories. It gives you an extra control on your server, like setting up custom error messages, password protect a directory, writing rewrite rules, blocking IPs etc. However, it […]

How to retrieve data from mysql using bash script

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How to install a Perl Module in Linux?

There are various ways to download and install perl modules from CPAN. In general it’s a good idea to download and install the perl module but we will see the different ways of installing the perl module. 1. The easiest way is to use the perl CPAN module. SSH to […]

SMTP Relaying Via a Smarthost

This page describes how to set up exim 4 on both a laptop and a server so that you can relay mail via the server no matter where your laptop logs in from. Overview Laptops are portable and end up being connected to various networks from day to day. You […]

How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables?

How can I repair corrupt MySQL tables? Every so often, MySQL tables have a way of corrupting themselves. MySQL offers a quick and painless method of repairing those tables. Login to your server via SSH and change directories to the database that is having problems. cd /usr/local/mysql/var/[DBNAME]/ You will need […]

Apstel Visual Dialplan for Asterisk

The fastest way to build Asterisk dialplan Latest build: Visual Dialplan 3.2 (build 3.2.00) Read here what is new in this release or watch overview movie at YouTube or download full functional trial version Visual Dialplan overview Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is modern rapid application development platform for Asterisk dial […]