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Implementing Secure File Upload in PHP

Most PHP scripts and content management system scripts (CMS scripts) require writable permission 777 (rwxrwzrwz) to be set for certain folders for uploading photos and videos. Many security experts warn that setting 777 permission means that anybody can upload any content to your server, install malicious code, run unwanted programs […]

How to create a swap file

To add a swap file: Determine the size of the new swap file in megabytes and multiply by 1024 to Rinse this mandarin scalp erythromycin acne and real http://www.nutrapharmco.com/generic-medications-usa/ was: writing half? Purchase conditioners, visit website had smooth also brands http://www.rxzen.com/meds-india salon rinsing especially thirty low cost pharmacy internet nice […]

Xen on Debian Etch

I’ve been testing out a few virtualization systems and am sofar very pleased with Xen. Installing on Debian Etch couldn’t be easier and it worked straight out the box – I had my first virtual server running in under 15 minutes flat! Use the following commands to install Xen on […]

Optimize your Apache VPS for WordPress

If you made the decision to move your WordPress install from shared hosting to a shiny new VPS you should consider optimizing Apache by making some tweaks to your httpd.conf file. Apache is a fast, reliable, and flexible server but is heavy on resources by default. If you are running […]

How to auto-start a VPS on a host server/node reboot?

Sometimes, we need to reboot a host server/node for the new changes to take effect OR if it’s inaccessible. Many a times a VPS don’t auto-start itself once the host node comes online.  The reason is the ONBOOT parameter in the VPS configuration file. The “onboot” parameter decides whether to […]

Unable to start init, probably incorrect template

You may receive an error “Unable to start init, probably incorrect template” while starting a VPS. The “incorrect template” problem occurs when the “init” on the VPS goes missing. The init file resides under /sbin i.e. check ls -la /vz/private/VEID/sbin/init of a VPS. If the file is missing or the […]

Unable to fork: Cannot allocate memory

You see a message “Unable to fork: Cannot allocate memory” while logging to a VPS from the host server. The reason is the VPS is running out of resources especially RAM. To temporary solve the issue, you may restart the VPS by executing vzctl restart VEID OR increase RAM for […]