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How to Set up a Subversion Server under Windows

A) Download Subversion You’ll need the latest version of.. the Windows binaries the “run Subversion as a windows service” wrapper the TortoiseSVN shell integration utility B) Install Subversion Unzip the Windows binaries to a folder of your choice. I chose c:\program files\subversion\ as my path. Now, add the subversion binaries to […]

Moving Mdaemon Mail to New Server

In order to move MDaemon to a new machine you should first remove the MDaemon service. To remove MDaemon as a service Go to Setup Click on System Service Settings Click on Remove Service Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your MDaemon directory. Make a backup of the entire directory. […]

Share screen session

Start screen using the command: $ screen -S <SessionName> The -S switch gives the session a name, which makes multiple screen sessions easier to manage. Allow multiuser access in the screen session: CTRL-A :multiuser on Grant permission to the guest user to access the screen session: CTRL-A :acladd <guest_user> The […]

FreeBSD: HowTo Start / Stop / Restart Network and Routing Service

FreeBSD is a Unix-like free operating system. You can install to choose third party software on FreeBSD from the Ports Collection. Many services such as POP3 server daemons, IMAP, etc. could be started using the inetd. However, networking can be stop or started using special script located in /etc/rc.d/ directory. […]

MySQL error 28 and solution

Q. I am getting an error that read as follows: MySQL: got error 28 from server handler How do I fix this problem? A. This error means no space left on hard disk. According to official MySQL docs, “If you get his error, you need to check all filesystems where […]