Howto Reboot or halt Linux system in emergency

Linux kernel includes magic system request keys. It was originally developed for kernel hackers. However, you can use this hack to reboot, shutdown or halt computer safely (remember safe reboot/shutdown == flush filesystem buffers and unmount file system and then reboot so that data loss can be avoided). This is […]

How to generate a full backup of an account/domain from cPanel?

You can perform a full backup of your account/domain from cPanel >> “Backups” option under the Files section. The full cPanel backup is very useful when migrating an account from one server to another. 1) Login to cPanel at http://yourdomainname.tld:2082 click the “Backups” option as shown in the screen below […]

Howto: Enable SuPHP/phpSuExec on a cPanel server?

How to install and enable SuPHP on a cPanel server OR How to install phpSuExec on a Linux Server? SuPHP Or PHPSuExec as most people call is a module that increases the security of the server and executes PHP files under the owner of the file instead of the Apache […]

Frequently used SCREEN reference commands

# open screen session screen # list screen sessions screen -ls # reattach to screen session screen -r <name of screen session> # attach to a not detached session screen -x <name of screen session> # detach from unattached session screen -d Note: ^A = Ctrl-a (Press the “a” key […]