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Container already locked

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queueprocd failed @ xxx. A restart was attempted

After the recent cPanel update your mailbox may be filling up with the “queueprocd service failed” emails. For example: ( queueprocd failed @ Fri Jan 1 00:00:00 2010. A restart was attempted automagically. Service Check Method: [check command] ) . This look like a small bug with the latest cPanel […]

Disable suhosin

Suhosin for a domain can be disabled by 2 methods. 1) Using php.ini 2) Using .htaccess. Following are the steps in order to A. Disable suhosin using php.ini. 1) Login to the server as root 2) Copy the servers customized php.ini file to the document root of the domain. [root@server]# […]

-bash: locate: command not found

Error Message: [root@server ~]# locate filename -bash: locate: command not found You may receive the above error message while searching a file using locate command and the error indicates that the package “slocate” required for the locate command is not installed. To install the package, execute: yum -y install slocate […]