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Changing password via a script

Method 1: passwd Conventionally the command use to change password on Linux based system is passwd , the option related to this command is –stdin ,an this is all done throughout a pipe. echo -e “new_password\nnew_password” | (passwd –stdin $USER) Method 2: chpasswd Another alternative is to use the chpasswd, […]

How to reset the Plesk Admin password from command prompt

Windows In case you forget the Plesk control panel’s ‘admin’ password, then you have no other choice but to reset the password by logging into the remote server.. As the reset ‘Administrator’ password option [which in fact is for the admin user] is only available through logging into the Plesk […]

Linux Password Trick With Immutable Bit Using chattr Command

With the help of utility called chattr, you can changes the file attributes on a Linux second extended file system. The operator + causes the selected attributes to be added to the existing attributes of the files; – causes them to be removed; and = causes them to be the […]

Starting sshd: Privilege separation user does not exist

The error message “Starting sshd: Privilege separation user sshd does not exist FAILED” is received on restarting the SSHD service. It indicates that the user ‘sshd’ does not exist at all. To fix the sshd privileges issue, you need to add the ‘sshd’ user on the server. Edit the file […]