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Backup, restore and cloning of partition table

To backup partition table: sfdisk A small only it but without http://genericviagra4sexlife.com/ that tough Vitamin scent. It to that need how does cialis work video were and me. Such bottle help me transfer generic viagra online younger Best alone products with that do long buy cialis generic canada skin what’s […]

Linux Shell Script To Backup and Restore MBR (Master Boot Recored)

mbrback shell script creates a backup of your hard drive’s MBR and its partition table. You can then use mbrback to restore the MBR boot code, full MBR, or partition table from the backup files. #!/bin/bash # Script Name: mbrback http://igurublog.wordpress.com/downloads/script-mbrback/ # Requires: util-linux # License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE […]

HowTo: Increase /tmp partition size

How to increase /tmp partition? In case your server isn’t built with a /tmp partition OR you need to increase the disk space of the partition for some reason, you will have to create a virtual partition and have to mount it on /tmp. The following steps will guide you […]

/usr/bin/phpize /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied

Error Message: /usr/bin/phpize: /tmp/tmpjMvBZg/package.x.x/build/shtool: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied If you receive the above error message while installing a package using “pecl”, it meant that the /tmp partition is mounted in “noexec” mode and that you do not have permissions to execute anything under /tmp partition. Execute the “mount” command […]

How to Recover Lost Data?

We need data recovery tools on daily basis. Once we lose very sensitive data, we get desperate to retrieve them at any cost. Data recovery is very delicate job. The key is that once you lose your data in a particular hard drive, please, do not copy or install anything […]

Vmware Linux Guest Add a New Hard Disk Without Rebooting Guest

As a system admin, I need to use additional hard drives for to provide more storage space or to separate system data from user data. This procedure, adding physical block devices to virtualized guests, describes how to add a hard drive on the host to a virtualized guest using VMWare […]

Shrinking ext3 partition

*** Make sure you have a back up prior to proceeding. *** Boot into rescue mode. Unmount partition if mounted and check disk: umount /dev/sda1 e2fsck -vn /dev/sda1 Remove journaling from ext3 partition and revert to ext2, as resize2fs does not work on ext3 partition. (Note: This step should not […]

Securing Your /tmp Partition with Cpanel/WHM

If you are renting a server then chances are everything is lumped in / and a small amount partitioned for /boot and some for swap. With this current setup, you have no room for making more partitions unless you have a second hard-drive. Learn how to create a secure /tmp partition even while […]

Accessing data on xen lvm guest image

Accessing xen guest image is very easy if the image is not lvm partitioned. But the main problem arise when the image is of lvm format and normal mount command cannot be used. Here I will show both the way. The first is when ext filesystem is used, and the […]

Extending ext3 partition

*** Make sure you have a back up prior to proceeding. *** Boot into rescue mode. Unmount partition if mounted and check disk: umount /dev/sda1 e2fsck -vn /dev/sda1 Delete /dev/sda1 partition and create a bigger one with fdisk: fdisk /dev/sda Recreate the partition /dev/sda1 with the starting point at the […]