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Howto: deny/allow IP using iptables

How to block an IP using iptables? iptables -A INPUT -s xx.xx.xx.xx -j DROP How to block an IP for a specific port: iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s xx.xx.xx.xx –dport PORT -j DROP How to allow access to an IP? Grew, up and. Issues viagra On hold cracks of. […]

System monitoring with Conky

My number one favorite system monitor used to be Gkrellm, a small GUI tool that displays system information such as CPU usage, memory and hard drive usage, network throughput, and so forth. Recently, I discovered Conky, which is another system monitoring tool that works extremely well. One of the nice […]

When To Use Indexes In MySQL

This comes up in discussions almost every new project I work on, because it’s a very important thing to consider when designing a database. When deciding when and how to create an index in your MySQL database, it’s important to consider how the data is being used. Let’s say you […]

Apache Optimization

MaxClients ————— The number of worker processes is limited by the parameter MaxClients. MaxClients = Total RAM dedicated to the web server / Max child process size. The default value of  MaxClients is 150. If we have a server with 1gb of ram and  child process take an average size […]

Howto: Check Apache Connections

How to check number of connections to the Apache server? netstat command will show you the accurate connections to each of your service. In order to check the number of connections to port 80, use the netstat command and grep the Apache port. List the connections to port 80: netstat […]

Using tmpfs for MySQL tmpdir setting

This is incredible, by the way. Any time MySQL needs to use a tmp table on disk, you can make it use RAM disk instead. WARNING: if the tmpfs partition you make isn’t big enough, MySQL will not be able to complete queries. Make sure you have enough RAM to […]