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AWK Array Script To Find File Maximum, Minimum and Total File Sizes

#!/bin/bash # Written by Vivek Gite <www.cyberciti.biz> # AWK to list total file size, minimum, maximum and other size using Arrays # ————————————————————————– # Copyright (C) 2007 nixCraft project <http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/contact-us> # This script is licensed under GNU GPL version 2.0 or above # ————————————————————————- # This script is part of […]

PleskFatalException Unable to connect to database

When a Plesk server exceeds the allotted Mysql connections, you will see the “Mysql: Too many connections” error message while accessing the Plesk control panel instead of the login prompt. The temporary solution is to restart the Mysql service, and the permanent solution is to increase the “max_connections”. ERROR: PleskFatalException […]

PHP Warning: POST Content-Length exceeds the limit

PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of xxxxx bytes exceeds the limit of xxxxxx bytes in Unknown on line 0 You receive the “POST Content-Length” error message when a file greater than the size defined in the php.ini file is uploaded via the browser. The file you are uploading using the POST […]