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Howto: change collation for mysql

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Script to change IP address of all the accounts.

How to change IP address of all the accounts on a cPanel server? The “Change Site IP Address” option is WHM is not feasible in case you need to change IP address of all the accounts on a server. In order to change IP address of all the domains on […]

How to access psa database in Plesk?

Plesk uses a ‘psa’ database to store all the data and values. This data can be easily retrieved at any point of time using the Mysql queries. How to access the psa database in Plesk? There are 2 ways to access the Plesk psa database, from the Linux command line […]

how to enable log-queries-not-using-indexes

How to enable “log-queries-not-using-indexes” in Mysql? Edit /etc/my.cnf and place the following line under the [mysqld] section: log-queries-not-using-indexes Save the file and restart the mysql service: # /etc/init.d/mysql restart To verify if it is set to ON, use the following command: # mysqladmin variables |grep  log_queries_not_using_indexes var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

Using PHP As A Shell Scripting Language

1.Introduction. Scripting Languages for Linux There are numerous scripting languages for Linux, four of them are: Bash Perl PHP Python Having chosen which language to use it’s then essential that the script user should need to know further about it. Shell scripting means: Unix/Linux users are able to call a […]

HowTo: Increase /tmp partition size

How to increase /tmp partition? In case your server isn’t built with a /tmp partition OR you need to increase the disk space of the partition for some reason, you will have to create a virtual partition and have to mount it on /tmp. The following steps will guide you […]

Converting bin/cue to iso

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FreeBSD IP Alias: Setup 2 or More IP address on One NIC

IP aliasing is the process of assigning more than one IP address to a network interface. This is useful for Apache web server virtual hosting or other network servers such as ftp server. This tutorial explains how to assign one or more IP address to a single network interface under […]