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pure-ftpd: [ERROR] Configuration error: Illegal load limit: 0

If you receive the following error message in the /var/log/messages file while restarting the pure-ftpd service, the problem is in the ftp configuration file at /etc/pure-ftpd.conf pure-ftpd: (?@?) [ERROR] Configuration error: Illegal load limit: 0 Edit the pure-ftp configuration file and It’s both that another, huge theater would store be […]

Howto: Password Protect a directory using .htaccess

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Howto: Increase RAM/Memory for Java.

In order to increase memory limit for Java, perform the following steps, edit the file: /var/cpanel/tomcat.options Insert the following 2 lines: Xmx200M Xms100M where, Xmx is the upper limit and Xms is the lower limit. You have to replace the values as per your requirement. Save the file and restart […]

VPS iptables rule limit is too low

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make mod_security get an error

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PureFtp + Not able to list more than 2000 files

Problem: Not able to list more than 2000 files in a directory using Ftp. Solution: The pure-ftp by default limit maximum number of # files to be displayed to 2000. So edit your pureftpd configuration file which is at /etc/pure-ftpd.conf and change the line LimitRecursion 2000 8 to LimitRecursion 5000 […]

How to increase mail size in exim

You may receive a bounce back message saying “Message size exceeds maximum permitted” on sending an email greater than the size defined in the exim configuration. On a cPanel server, the message size limit is 50MB by default. In order to raise the message size limit, you need to edit […]

Howto: change Port OR Network Interface Speed?

How to change Port speed OR Network Interface Speed? To set a specific speed limit on a Network Interface say 10mbps, edit the file network interface file and set the limit which will make the changes permanent even after a reboot. Edit the file: root@server [~]# pico /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0   Add […]

Choosing MaxClients

The MaxClients directive sets the limit on the number of simultaneous requests that can be supported. No more than this number of child server processes will be created. To configure more than 256 clients, you must edit the HARD_SERVER_LIMIT entry in httpd.h and recompile. In our case we want this […]