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How to install and configure APC Cache on a CentOS server?

APC cache is a PHP caching solution which stands for Alternative PHP Cache. It serves PHP pages from a cache thus helping to reduce server load. APC is an open source software and is updated from time to time. The following are the steps to install APC cache on a […]

How to Fix by reconfiguring boot.ini using Recovery Console

1.Boot with XP CD or 6 floppy boot disk set. 2. Press R to load the Recovery Console. 3. Type bootcfg. 4. This should fix any boot.ini errors causing setup not to see the  XP OS install. 5. Try the repair install. One more suggestion from MVP Alex Nichol “Reboot, this […]

How to protect/secure php.ini with SuPHP?

When Apache is compiled as CGI/SuPHP, it allows users to create their own php.ini file under their home directory and modify the php values as per their wish. This may increase security concerns on the server and hence to protect/secure php.ini in SuPHP enabled servers, force every user to use […]

Howto: Enable SuPHP/phpSuExec on a cPanel server?

How to install and enable SuPHP on a cPanel server OR How to install phpSuExec on a Linux Server? SuPHP Or PHPSuExec as most people call is a module that increases the security of the server and executes PHP files under the owner of the file instead of the Apache […]

Auto restart apache on segmentation fault error

Recently a particular folder in a site started coming up with blank php pages and the root cause being Segmentation fault after memory exhaustion. The subfolder contents would only come up after doing a restart of apache. So something tried to access a region of memory that it did not […]

How to install PDFlib-Lite & PDFlib on a CentOS server?

PDFlib is a free library used for generic viagra at walmart generating and manipulating files in Portable Document Format (PDF). The primiary goal of PDFlib is to create dynamic PDF documents on a Web server OR similar systems and to allow a “save as PDF” capability. The following steps will […]

How to install PHP-Json module on a Linux Plesk server?

To install/enable Json support for PHP on a Linux Plesk server, follow the below steps: 1. Install php-pear and gcc # yum install php-pear gcc 2. Install json module # pecl install json 3. Now, the json.so file is created under the php lib directory i.e. /usr/lib64/php/modules/ and needs to […]

DirectAdmin with mod_fcgid

All steps below should be done with a new clean install of DirectAdmin. It is possible to make it work on the server that already have users on it. I did that and it works perfectly fine. However, the steps will be a bit different and it won’t work if […]