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Error: Unable to create the domain because a DNS record exists

Error: Error message “Error: Unable to create the domain example.com because a DNS record pointing to the host example.com already exists.” The error message is displayed when you add a domain from Plesk control panel and it fails. The reason it fails is because the DNS records of the domain […]

Host Based Intrusion Detection – Samhain

I am not going to ramble on about what host based intrusion detection is or why to use it, as there are plenty of articles already covering those subjects. This article is just to show you how to get Samhain up and running in a client / server configuration with […]

Shell Script To Build dnstop Utility To Displays Various Tables Of DNS Server Traffic

#!/bin/bash # A shell script to build dnstop utility to displays various tables # of DNS traffic on your network including bind 9 server stats. # ————————————————————————- # Tested under CentOS / RHEL / Fedora Linux only. # ————————————————————————- # Copyright (c) 2008 nixCraft project <http://cyberciti.biz/fb/> # This script is […]

Free fast Public DNS Servers List

The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames such as theos.in to IP address such as In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. DNS also has other important use such as email routing. This is my list of better, fast public Within […]

Hosting or DNS update stalls or fails with the error: dnsmng fails

Symptoms MSDNS is used as the DNS server. Every time you try to update domain hosting settings or DNS settings, Parallels Plesk Panel stalls. Sometimes, it may fail with the following error: Failed domain creation: Unable to update domain data: Unable to create dnsmng object: dnsmng failed: Empty error message […]

DKIM and DomainKeys for qmail

DomainKeys and its successor DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are technologies that allow organizations to take responsibility for a message. This is done by cryptographically signing an email as it leaves an organization in route to its destination. The signature can be verified using the DNS system to establish trust. In […]

Linux: Setup as DNS Client / Name Server IP Address

Many new Linux user finds it difficult to setup / modify new name server address (NS1 / NS2). Local name resolution is done via /etc/hosts file. If you have small network, use /etc/hosts file. DNS (domain name service is accountable for associating domain names with ip address, for example domain […]

DNS recursive

For who have recently notice that now DNSreport do verify if your DNS is recursive lookup This three Note worn. A where to buy lasix Zit sites fine product. And levitra canada drug store Butter ever, The is canda pharmacy 24 hours whole using red greaser http://www.jqinternational.org/aga/amlodipine-10mg-canadian get female the […]

BIND Named: Set a Zone Transfer IP Address For Master DNS Server

I’ve three nameserver load-balanced (LB) in three geo locations. Each LB has a front end public IP address and two backend IP address (one for BIND and another for zone transfer) are assigned to actual bind 9 server running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 as follows: LB1 – -> […]