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How to: Linux flush or remove all iptables rules

Here is small script that does this. Debian or Ubuntu GNU/Linux does not comes with any SYS V init script (located in /etc/init.d directory) . You create a script as follows and use it to stop or flush the iptables rules. Please don’t type rules at command prompt. Use the […]

Restore Debian Linux Grub boot loader

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After cloning a Debian/Ubuntu VM, the guest network is not working

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Host Based Intrusion Detection – Samhain

I am not going to ramble on about what host based intrusion detection is or why to use it, as there are plenty of articles already covering those subjects. This article is just to show you how to get Samhain up and running in a client / server configuration with […]

Linux : How to run a command when boots up?

Other distribution provided the file called /etc/rc.local but Debian does not use rc.local to customize the boot process. You can use simple method as follows to customize it. (A) Execute command at system startup Let us assume you would like to run command called i) Create a script called mystartup.sh […]

How to Disable ICMP Redirects AT BOOT TIME

ICMP Redirects Send and Accept are by default enabled on most of the linux flavours including Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux. While ICMP Redirects are not the very efficient way to update a hosts Routing table of an optimal route to a target destination, it can cause serious […]