It is good to learn all the ip addresses which holds N+ tcp connection to your server. For example, if we want to list ip addresses and connection counts of hosts which has 25+ connection right now:

netstat -n --tcp --udp --numeric-hosts | \
grep -v | \
awk '{if (/(tcp|udp)/) { print $5 }}' | \
sed 's/:.*//' | \
sort | \
uniq -c | \
sort -n | \
awk '{if ($1 > 25) {print "Count: "$1"\t"$2; }}'

and here is an example output:

Count: 26
Count: 27
Count: 35
Count: 44

If we want to list only the ip addresses, not the counter, change the last line as below:

awk '{if

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($1 > 25) {print $2; }}’