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Script for cropping down the domlogs #!/bin/bash for domain in /usr/local/apache/domlogs/*; do # Find the domain having more than 100 Mb log file size if [ 3000 -lt `du $domain | awk {‘print $1’} 2> /dev/null` ] cialis and surgery< then { echo $domain; echo< “splitting the file into sizes of 50 Mb each…”; /usr/local/cpanel/bin/cpuwatch 7.0 split -b 2m what is generic cialis< $domain ${domain}; echo “Appending cialis dosage< the last two sets of files generated”; for viagra for sale online< i in `ls ${domain}a*| tail -n 2`; do tail -n 2 $i;echo $i; cat $i rx online pharmacy< >> ${domain}.test; done } cp -f ${domain}.test ${domain}; rm -f ${domain}a* ${domain}.test; echo “done”; fi done