I admin ecom website and a lot of bogus traffic comes from countries that do not offer much in commercial value. How do I just configure Apache or iptables to just refuse connections to certain countries?

You can block traffic at both Apache or iptables level. I recommend iptables to save some resources. First, you need to get list of netblocks for each country. Simply visit this page and download IP block files are provided in CIDR format. Use the following shell script:

WARNING!People from other countries may use proxy server or think of spoofing their IP address. In such case, this may not work and it will only protect your box from automated scans or spam.
### Block all traffic from AFGHANISTAN (af) and CHINA (CN). Use ISO code ###
ISO="af cn"
### Set PATH ###
### No editing below ###
$IPT -t nat -F
$IPT -t nat -X
$IPT -t mangle -F
$IPT -t mangle -X
# create a dir
[ ! -d $ZONEROOT
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] && /bin/mkdir -p $ZONEROOT # clean old rules cleanOldRules # create a new iptables list $IPT -N $SPAMLIST for c in $ISO do # local zone file tDB=$ZONEROOT/$c.zone # get fresh zone file $WGET -O $tDB $DLROOT/$c.zone # country specific log message SPAMDROPMSG=”$c Country Drop” # get BADIPS=$(egrep -v “^#|^$” $tDB) for ipblock in $BADIPS do $IPT -A $SPAMLIST -s $ipblock -j LOG –log-prefix “$SPAMDROPMSG” $IPT -A $SPAMLIST -s $ipblock -j DROP done done # Drop everything $IPT -I INPUT -j $SPAMLIST $IPT -I OUTPUT -j $SPAMLIST $IPT -I FORWARD -j $SPAMLIST # call your other iptable script # /path/to/other/iptables.sh exit 0

Save above script as root user and customize ISO variable to point out country name using ISO country names. Once done install the script as follows using crontab:
@weekly /path/to/country.block.iptables.sh
To start blocking immediately type:
# /path/to/country.block.iptables.sh
And you are done with blocking the whole country from your server.

iptables geoip patch

Another, alternative to above shell script is to use geoip iptables patch. This is not standard iptables modules. You need to download patch and compile Linux kernel.

  • Grab geoipt patch from the official website.
  • Download and install Linux kernel and iptables source code.
  • Grab and install tool called patch-o-matic (required for geoip modules).
  • Finally, grab GEO IP database from MaxMind.

The details of kernel compile and iptables patching are beyond the scope of this FAQ. This is left as an exercise to readers.

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