How to enable PPP feature in a VPS/Container OR steps if PPP module not working on tadalafil online a VPS?

In order to enable PPP feature for a VPS/Container, the Hardware node should generic cialis have the

ppp_async ppp_deflate

modules loaded in the kernel. To

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load the modules on the hardware node, execute

# modprobe ppp_async # modprobe ppp_deflate

lsmod will list the modules those are active.

# lsmod | grep ppp
ppp_deflate       cialis and grapefruit       39168  0
zlib_deflate           52760  1 ppp_deflate
ppp_async              45184  0
crc_ccitt               6337  1 ppp_async
ppp_generic            20165  6 ppp_deflate,ppp_async
slhc                   30561  1 ppp_generic

You now need to enable PPP feature for the VPS:

# vzctl set VEID --features ppp:on --save

Now, set ppp within the VPS:

# vzctl set VEID --devices c:108:0:rw --save
# vzctl exec VEID mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0
# vzctl exec VEID chmod 600 /dev/ppp

Now, restart the VPS

# vzctl restart VEID

Login to the VPS:

# vzctl enter VEID

See if the PPP module works in the VPS:

# /usr/sbin/pppd

You should now receive a message asking for the password or some garbage characters. If you see something else, then something is wrong.