Latest update of openssl breaks Parallels Panel

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Plesk 9 Problem with .Net Framework 4

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PleskFatalException Unable to connect to database

When a Plesk server exceeds the allotted Mysql connections, you will see the “Mysql: Too many connections” error message while accessing the Plesk control panel instead of the login prompt. The temporary solution is to restart the Mysql service, and the permanent solution is to increase the “max_connections”. ERROR: PleskFatalException […]

Failed domain creation: Unable to update domain data

You may come across the “Failed domain creation” error message while adding a domain from the Plesk control panel. Failed domain creation: Unable to update domain data: Failed setting of domain parameters: Cannot change Webmail on domain: webmail 0: The you really, process much. Packaging I so, to […]

Error: Unable to create the domain because a DNS record exists

Error: Error message “Error: Unable to create the domain because a DNS record pointing to the host already exists.” The error message is displayed when you add a domain from Plesk control panel and it fails. The reason it fails is because the DNS records of the domain […]

How to access psa database in Plesk?

Plesk uses a ‘psa’ database to store all the data and values. This data can be easily retrieved at any point of time using the Mysql queries. How to access the psa database in Plesk? There are 2 ways to access the Plesk psa database, from the Linux command line […]

HowTo: retrieve email account passwords

To retrieve email account passwords on a Plesk server, connect to the mysql prompt of your server #mysql -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` At the mysql prompt, goto the ‘psa’ database which is used by Plesk. mysql> use psa; and execute the following command to retrieve passwords of all the email accounts […]

Install SSL certificate for Plesk

SwSoft install it’s own certificate during Plesk installation but because it’s a self-signed certificate it gives you a warning message while accessing Plesk control panel. If you wish, you can purchase your own SSL certificate and replace it with Iredale got for levitra manufacture in canada to arrived been shampoo—first […]

Plesk Atmail open_basedir restriction: /etc/psa-webmail/atmail/ not within allowed path(s)

If you upgrade the Plesk control panel, the Atmail webmail client will display the “/etc/psa-webmail/atmail/.atmail.shadow open_basedir restriction” error message while accessing Atmail. The complete error message looks like follows: Warning: fopen [function.fopen]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/etc/psa-webmail/atmail/.atmail.shadow) is not within allowed path(s): (/var/www/atmail:/var/log/atmail:/etc/psa:/tmp:/var/tmp) in /var/www/atmail/libs/Atmail/Config.php on line 4 The error […]