Q: I had to re-IP a server, as transferring to a new carrier. Followed the DA instructions to convert to new server IP. No errors were noted. When gone into admin found that the old IPs where still in DA and cannot delete them. Also the new server IP was not in the “IP Manager”. All the rest of the IPs were placed into the manager with the Old IPs still visible tried again to delete without success. Tried to re-install new server IP came up message that the old IPs were the server IP and that it would not be installed. Any solutions to this problem? Advice would be appreciated.

R: If they’re out of the admin section, they’d probably still be in Reseller ip.list files.

Just remove them from the /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/*/user_ip.list file.

Where * are all of your resellers and admins.