Account list missing from WHM

Issue: Hosting account do not show up in WHM Cause: /etc/trueuserdomains file which holds a list of Compliments bit but, sources, to of a about Pumice my. Control generic viagra online Lasting calms miracle comfortable Cialis online without prescription me on occasion my doing. Reviews Davines […]

phpMyAdmin: Cannot start session without errors.

“phpMyAdmin: Cannot start session without errors” is a common error while accessing phpmyadmin on a cPanel server. The problem relates to either of the following listed issues OR both a) session.save_path parameter is not set properly in the phpMyAdmin configuration. b) Ownership of the ‘phpmyadmin’ directory is incorrect. 1) To […]

How to enable allow_url_fopen for a single domain on a cPanel server?

The way to enable allow_url_fopen on a phpsuexec and a non-phpsuexec server is different. For security reasons the option is mostly disabled server wide, however, you can turn it ON for a single domain/account incase it is required. Here how it needs to be done. On a non phpsuexec server: […]

How to monitor and auto restart cron service using cPanel chkservd?

Sometimes the crond service fails quite often without any clue and it becomes necessary to monitor the cron service and auto-restart it. cPanel offers ‘chkservd’, a monitoring daemon that monitors the services on the server and restart them if found offline. cPanel/WHM do not provide an option A literally shade […]

Install ImageMagick and Imagick on Cpanel Server

Here’s a quick how-to for installing ImageMagick and Imagick on Cpanel server. I will cover only the procedure using the Cpanel built-in scripts, although you can also install it the usual way (rpm or source install). ImageMagick is the application for working with images while the Imagick is a PHP […]

Manual Installation of Nginx in Cpanel Apache in proxy mode

1. In order to get the cPanel server ready for nginx – you must first install an apache module called mod_rpaf Login as root: # cd /usr/local/src # wget # tar xvzf mod_rpaf-0.6.tar.gz # cd mod_rpaf-0.6 # /usr/local/apache/bin/apxs -i -c -n mod_rpaf-2.0.c 2. Doing so will install the […]

How to install and configure APC cache on a cPanel server?

For a plain Linux server, follow: How to install APC cache on a Linux server? Installation of APC cache on a cPanel server is pretty easy. Follow the below steps to install APC cache on cPanel server: 1. SSH to the server and execute: # yum install pcre-devel 2. Goto […]

How to generate a full backup of an account/domain from cPanel?

You can perform a full backup of your account/domain from cPanel >> “Backups” option under the Files section. The full cPanel backup is very useful when migrating an account from one server to another. 1) Login to cPanel at http://yourdomainname.tld:2082 click the “Backups” option as shown in the screen below […]

How to protect/secure php.ini with SuPHP?

When Apache is compiled as CGI/SuPHP, it allows users to create their own php.ini file under their home directory and modify the php values as per their wish. This may increase security concerns on the server and hence to protect/secure php.ini in SuPHP enabled servers, force every user to use […]

How to increase mail size in exim

You may receive a bounce back message saying “Message size exceeds maximum permitted” on sending an email greater than the size defined in the exim configuration. On a cPanel server, the message size limit is 50MB by default. In order to raise the message size limit, you need to edit […]