cPanel, WHM and even Webmail uses non-common ports which some Internet Server Providers (ISP) do not allow what do viagra pills look like< and makes it impossible for people to access any of these. cPanel works on 2082/2083, WHM 2086/2087 and Webmail 2095/2096. The workaround is to install does cialis increase size< cPanel Proxy which works as a proxy gateway for Apache and the requests to cPanel/WHM/Webmail are then served through port 80 instead of their respective ports which are blocked by the ISP. Here’s how to Install cPanel Proxy: ——————————————————————————– 1. You have to recompile Apache with the cPanel proxy module. a) You can either execute ‘/scripts/easyapache’ script via SSH OR use WHM -> Software -> ‘EasyApache (Apache Update)’ generic cialis canadian pharmacy< option. b) On the next step, leave the current profile as it is and click ‘Start Customizing Based on Profile’ c) Click ‘Next Step’ in the Apache/PHP selection pages and goto the 5th step d) On the Short Options List, click ‘Exhaustive Options List’ button to list all the Apache/PHP modules. e) Scroll< down a bit and select the “Proxy” module f) Click ‘Save and Build‘ and proceed to build Apache with the Proxy module. It may take around 30 minutes for the process to complete.


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Once the module is compiled, a VirtualHost entry for the cPanel/WHM/Webmail sub-domains is added in the Apache configuration file. Here’s how to viagra legal thailand< Enable cPanel Proxy for an Existing account: ——————————————————————————————————————————– 2) The next step is to add ‘A’ records for cPanel/WHM/Webmail for the domain you need to enable proxy access on. To add the records, goto a) Goto WHM -> DNS Functions. b) Click ‘Edit a DNS Zone’ option and select the domain to edit and click Edit. c) Scroll down to the empty boxes and add the following records

cpanel 14400 IN A ServerIP whm 14400 IN A ServerIP webmail 14400 IN A ServerIP

where, ‘ServerIP’ is the actual IP of the server. d) Click ‘Save’. do i need a prescription for viagra< Once the records are added, allow sometime to propagate and then you should be able to access cPanel at, http://cpanel.yourdomain.tld. You will be able to access WHM/Webmail the same way.