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How To Install Qmailtoaster (CentOS 5.3)

Qmailtoaster ( is a project that aims to make the installation of Qmail onto RPM based systems a snap. All of the packages are distributed in source RPMs so building the packages for your particular distro and architecture is as easy as running a script or a simple command for […]

DKIM and DomainKeys for qmail

DomainKeys and its successor DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) are technologies that allow organizations to take responsibility for a message. This is done by cryptographically signing an email as it leaves an organization in route to its destination. The signature can be verified using the DNS system to establish trust. In […]

Exim MTA: How do I route or relaying via a smarthost?

I never used exim. My faviorate MTA is postfix. But this time I needed to configure exim MTA (mail transfer agent used in Unix-like operating systems) to router all mails using a smarthost called Open exim configuration file i.e. begin routers section and add or modify it as follows: […]

Delete Frozen Emails

Howto check number of emails in the mail queue: exim -bpc To check the email ID, sender and receiver of the each email: exim -bp | more To delete frozen emails from the mail queue, execute: exim -bp | grep ‘frozen’ | awk ‘{print $3}’ | xargs exim -Mrm similarly, […]

Exim Commands

Check emails in mail queue root@server [~]# exim -bp Count number of emails in mail queue root@server [~]# exim -bpc Count number of frozen emails in mail queue root@server [~]# exim -bp | grep frozen | wc -l Delete forzen emails from the mail queue exim -bp | awk ‘$6~”frozen” […]

Email Archiving with Exim/cPanel

If you’re interesting in saving a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail for a particular domain, look no further! This can be expanded a little further to include all domains on the server or other stipulations, but I am going to include the config for a single domain. First […]

How to Fix “cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied” error While Restarting zmcontrol on Zimbra

Question : I want to start the Zimbra services. But i am getting the following issue while restarting zmcontrol using “zmcontrol start” command as per below error messages : [zimbra@mail ~]$ zmcontrol start Host mail.bloggerbaru.local Starting zmconfigd…Done. Starting logger…Done. Starting mailbox…Done. Starting antispam…Done. Starting antivirus…Done. Starting snmp…Done. Starting spell…Failed. Starting […]

Disable imap/pop3 for a particular user

Edit /etc/dovecot.conf, find: mechanisms = plain Add after: passdb passwd-file { args = /etc/dovecot-deny.%Ls deny = yes } Now use the following script to disable IMAP (or POP3 (replace IMAP with POP3 in the script)) access (usage: ./script allow/deny usename):   #!/bin/sh # # Script used to deny IMAP access […]