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Moving files around to include hidden files

Often times when moving files from one directory to another, specifically when dealing with web folders, I have missed out the all important .htaccess hidden files with just the usual `mv source/* destination` command. Here’s a one liner that will include the hidden files too: $ ls -A <source> | […]

How To Configure ISA Proxy/Auth Setting For Yum

I was running CentOS in my LAN for my personal use and there are MS ISA servers for proxying and each user has to use his/her user name & password for Internet. So when I used my credentials in my web browser I had no problem but when I was going […]

Chrooting Apache2 With mod_chroot On Fedora 12

This guide explains how to set up mod_chroot with Apache2 on a Fedora 12 system. With mod_chroot, you can run Apache2 in a secure chroot environment and make your server less vulnerable to break-in attempts that try to exploit vulnerabilities in Apache2 or your installed web applications. I do not […]

HTTP 500 error when I run my Perl script

At my work place, we provide shared hosting and http 500 error is the most common in trouble tickets. Although everything is properly configured we still get reports of error. Send MIME type 99% time – it was not servers fault at all. I found that the most common reason […]

Executing Linux / UNIX commands from web page

A Web interfaces is almost used by routers and many other sophisticated programs such as webmin. However, why go for a web interface or execute commands from web page? For automation purpose, you need to use a web interfaces. Another advantage is you can access your web-based interface from any […]