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Linux or UNIX Recover deleted files – undelete files

If you rum rm command accidentally and deleted important a file, recovery becomes critical under Linux and/or UNIX oses. Since Linux is multiuser and multitasking operating system other users/process can overwrite deleted file disk space. So you need to take down system to single user mode. First use wall (only […]

[HOWTO] mod_ruid2

Hello everyone, Since there are alot of people asking for it, here is my HowTo about mod_ruid2 This is based on my CentOS server with Apache 2.x. Installing this module its no longer needed to chmod config files to 666 or upload/attachments directories to 777. Since with this module enabled […]

Disable imap/pop3 for a particular user

Edit /etc/dovecot.conf, find: mechanisms = plain Add after: passdb passwd-file { args = /etc/dovecot-deny.%Ls deny = yes } Now use the following script to disable IMAP (or POP3 (replace IMAP with POP3 in the script)) access (usage: ./script allow/deny usename):   #!/bin/sh # # Script used to deny IMAP access […]

Warning: user mockbuild does not exist: using root

The message “Warning: user mockbuild does not exist. using root” is received while installing a source rpm that was built using mock. The ‘mock’ module is required in this case which is responsible to build source RPMs (SRPMs) under a chroot environment and uses the ‘mockbuild’ user. In order to […]