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Changing password via a script

Method 1: passwd Conventionally the command use to change password on Linux based system is passwd , the option related to this command is –stdin ,an this is all done throughout a pipe. echo -e “new_password\nnew_password” | (passwd –stdin $USER) Method 2: chpasswd Another alternative is to use the chpasswd, […]

Free fast Public DNS Servers List

The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames such as theos.in to IP address such as In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. DNS also has other important use such as email routing. This is my list of better, fast public Within […]

How to reset the Plesk Admin password from command prompt

Windows In case you forget the Plesk control panel’s ‘admin’ password, then you have no other choice but to reset the password by logging into the remote server.. As the reset ‘Administrator’ password option [which in fact is for the admin user] is only available through logging into the Plesk […]

FreeBSD How to restart inetd service / daemon

inetd is referred to as the Internet Super-Server because it manages connections for several services. When a connection is received by inetd, it determines which program the connection is destined for, spawns the particular process and delegates the socket to it. First login as a root user. FreeBSD version 5.0/6.0 […]

Adding A DHCP Server To CIITIX-WiFi

CIITIX-WiFi is a turnkey solution to your WiFi hotspot needs. Built onto the rock solid stable debian linux, setting up a secure (TTLS) WiFi hotspot is just a minute away. This Howto will show you the step by step configuration of setting up a DHCP Server within CIITIX-WiFi. It is […]

Where is color of ls command defined?

1) Configuration file for the ls color command is /etc/DIR_COLORS for Linux. You can modify those colours if you want. 2) Here is list of most common colors: (RHEL 3.x/FCx/RH and other linux distros) Executable files: Green * Normal file : Normal * Directory: Blue * Symbolic link : Cyan […]

List of Basic MySQL Commands

This is a list of handy MySQL commands that I use time and time again. At the bottom are statements, clauses, and functions you can use in MySQL. Below that are PHP and Perl API functions you can use to interface with MySQL. To use those you will need to […]

How To Use Wget Through Proxy

Wget is a super-useful utility to download pages and automate all types of web related tasks. It works for HTTP as well as FTP URL’s. Here is a brief tutorial on how to use wget through proxy server. To get wget to use a proxy, you must set up an […]

Change Owner of Symlink in Linux

When you use chown to change ownership of a file or directory, it will work but with Symlink (Created by using lncommand), you can’t do that. When you do it, it will fail and you may not know that since there is no error message or anything to let you […]