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Step 1: Now we will remove all software groups, to get Centos to a minimum Step 1.1: Run grouplist to see what software groups that are installed: yum grouplist Step 1.2: Remove all groups that are installed EXCEPT “Yum Utilities” yum groupremove “GroupName” Step 2: Lets disable unneeded services: chkconfig […]

Managing A Single Firewall Policy For Multiple Servers Using Firewall Builder

http://www.fwbuilder.org Firewall Builder is a firewall configuration and management GUI that supports configuring a wide range of firewalls from a single application. Supported firewalls include Linux iptables, BSD pf, Cisco ASA/PIX, Cisco router access lists and many more. The complete list of supported platforms along with downloadable binary packages and […]

How to install Red5 on Cent Os 5.4

Red5 is open source flash server written in java supports streaming audio/video, recording client streams, shared objects, live stream publishing etc. Here I will describe in details how you can install Red5 on your CentOS. For this you will also need to install Java and Apache Ant. Step 1. Install […]

Building A Central Loghost On CentOS And RHEL 5 With rsyslog

Gathering log messages is important. In a lot of situations you’ll want to store all entries of logfiles on another server. If a server crashes or gets hacked you want to be able to browse through logfiles from this machine and you want to be sure these log files are […]

HOW-TO: SFTP support in ProFTPD

DA comes with support for ProFTPD mod_tls however there are several problems with mod_tls. 1) It only encrypts the control channel of FTP, leaving the actual data transferred still in clear text. 2) That also causes problems with FTP traversal of firewalls since the firewall can’t see which ports are […]

How to: Extract files from ISO CD images in Linux

Under many situations you may need to get a single file/many files from Linux ISO image. You can mount ISO images via the loop device. You need to use mount command. First login as a root user: Extract File(s) Under Linux OS Let us assume that your ISO image name […]

How do I Apply Debian Linux Security update?

It is very easy to update Debian Linux over Internet so that you can get updated packages in stable distribution. This short article explains you how to keep up to date your Debian server/workstation along with small tips. Step # 1 Configure Debian to get updates You need to configure […]

Remote access to mysql database

Remote access to mysql database   Step 1 : vi /etc/my.cnf ——————————————— pid-file = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.pid socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock port = 3306 basedir = /usr datadir = /var/lib/mysql tmpdir = /tmp language = /usr/share/mysql/English bind-address = mysql server ip # skip-networking ——————————————— bind-address : IP address to bind to. skip-networking : […]