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rpmdb: unable to join the environment

If your rpm database gets corrupt, you receive the following message on working on packages using rpm: rpmdb: unable to join the environment rpmdb: write: 0xbf91a7d0, 8192: Invalid argument error: db4 error(22) from dbenv->open: Invalid argument error: cannot open Packages index You can try out any of the following two […]

unmount: /cdrom device is busy error and solution

Q. I am trying to unmount remotely hosted Linux server. I have CD mounted and when ever I type command umount /cdrom or umount /dev/cdrom I get an error that read as follows: unmount: /cdrom device is busy How do I solve this problem?   A. In order to solve […]

MySQL error 28 and solution

Q. I am getting an error that read as follows: MySQL: got error 28 from server handler How do I fix this problem? A. This error means no space left on hard disk. According to official MySQL docs, “If you get his error, you need to check all filesystems where […]

FFmpeg :: make: *** [ffmpeg_frame.lo] Error 1

If you get the following error when running the command make to compile FFmpeg: make: *** [ffmpeg_frame.lo] Error 1 There are two ways to fix this problem: *** First solution (highly recommended) In the latest version of ffmpeg-php (0.6.0), you need to modify the file: ffmpeg_frame.c and replace every instance […]

Install Avira Antivir on Linux

The Avira company offers a number of different solutions. Scan through their product overview to find out which solution is best for you.  But for this article we are looking at the Avira Antivir workstation solution for linux. In this article I will show you how to install and use […]

Apstel Visual Dialplan for Asterisk

The fastest way to build Asterisk dialplan Latest build: Visual Dialplan 3.2 (build 3.2.00) Read here what is new in this release or watch overview movie at YouTube or download full functional trial version Visual Dialplan overview Visual Dialplan for Asterisk® is modern rapid application development platform for Asterisk dial […]