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Solaris > Gathered System Information or How to print system configuration

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Enable the query cache in MySQL to improve performance

If you want to get optimized and speedy response from your MySQL server then you need to add following two configurations directive to your MySQL server: query_cache_size=SIZE The amount of memory (SIZE) allocated for caching query results. The default value is 0, Like makeup order would began was and my […]

How to increase mail size in exim

You may receive a bounce back message saying “Message size exceeds maximum permitted” on sending an email greater than the size defined in the exim configuration. On a cPanel server, the message size limit is 50MB by default. In order to raise the message size limit, you need to edit […]

Shrinking ext3 partition

*** Make sure you have a back up prior to proceeding. *** Boot into rescue mode. Unmount partition if mounted and check disk: umount /dev/sda1 e2fsck -vn /dev/sda1 Remove journaling from ext3 partition and revert to ext2, as resize2fs does not work on ext3 partition. (Note: This step should not […]

Use Nginx as a reverse proxy for DirectAdmin

I try to use Nginx as a reverse proxy to see if there is any improvement over Apache Worker MPM or not. I found an instruction from DirectAdmin webboard but it’s quite old. So, I just tried to follow their steps and do some modification to match what I have […]

Linux : How to Resize images with the command line?

GIMP can do just about anything to an image but it can be time-consuming to fire it up just to resize an image. For ultra-quick manipulation, consider Imagemagick, a command-line image manipulation program. It doesn’t come installed by default and you’ll need to install it via you package manager (search […]

vzdump LVM snapshots kernel errors

On running daily lvm snapshot backups via vzdump on OpenVZ servers, I noticed the below Kernel errors in logwatch reports. WARNING:  Kernel Errors Present Buffer I/O error on device dm-4,  …:  22 Time(s) EXT3-fs error (device dm-4): e …:  60 Time(s) lost page write due to I/O error on dm-4 […]

/tmp partition full. Howto increase /tmp partition size

/tmp partition full… How to increase /tmp partition? You can create a Virtual partition on Linux in case your server isn’t built with a /tmp partition OR you need to increase the disk space of the partition for some reason, and then you can mount the virtual partition as /tmp. […]