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Roundcube Fatal error: ini_set/set_include_path does not work.

Try to drop a php.ini file into the root RC directory and putting all of the PHP settings in there. This works depending on how the server is set up of course. Here is mine: Code: display_errors = Off log_errors = On error_log = logs/errors zlib.output_compression = Off magic_quotes_gpc = […]

phpize: command not found

You may receive the error “-bash: phpize: command not found” while executing the “phpize” command. The reason is the php-devel package is not installed on the server. The easiest way to install the package is to use ‘yum’. SSH to your server as root and execute: # yum install php-devel […]

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

When PHP is not compiled with Mysql, you see the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in filename.php on line xx on your website though the database details mentioned in the configuration file are correct. In order to solve the problem, install the “php-mysql” package using yum # […]

PHP Warning: POST Content-Length exceeds the limit

PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of xxxxx bytes exceeds the limit of xxxxxx bytes in Unknown on line 0 You receive the “POST Content-Length” error message when a file greater than the size defined in the php.ini file is uploaded via the browser. The file you are uploading using the POST […]

howto: turn off open_basedir in Plesk

osted by admin     Category: Plesk Management How to turn off open_basedir in Plesk? By default Plesk applies open_basedir restriction for all the domains on the server. You can remove the open_basedir restriction lines from the httpd.include file located at /home/httpd/vhosts/example.com/conf/ directory but Plesk will overwrite the file again once […]