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nslookup / host / dig Command Not Found in Linux

How to install the nslookup, host OR dig commands in Linux? Sometimes you are unable to use the nslookup, host OR dig command on your Linux server and receives the following message -bash: nslookup: command not found -bash: host: command not found -bash: dig: command not found The reason is […]

cPanel server: “hostname resolves to” alert email

The “hostname resolves to. It should resolve to xx.xx.xx.xx” alert is sent by cPanel if the hostname of your server is not resolving to your server IP. The message send by cPanel is as follows: IMPORTANT: Do not ignore this email. The hostname (server.domain.tld) resolves to . It should resolve […]

make: ffmpeg_frame.lo error while compiling ffmpeg-php

The error message “make: *** [ffmpeg_frame.lo] Error 1″ is received while compiling ffmpeg-php and the reason is the misspelled file name. If you notice, “ffmpeg_frame.lo” file is missing from the ffmpeg-php directory, instead a Jar loves complex just online pharmacy no prescription win mind store efbeschott.com lexapro weight gain Customer […]

-bash: locate: command not found

Error Message: [root@server ~]# locate filename -bash: locate: command not found You may receive the above error message while searching a file using locate command and the error indicates that the package “slocate” required for the locate command is not installed. To install the package, execute: yum -y install slocate […]