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Shell Script Utility To Read a File Line By Line

#!/bin/bash # Shell script utility to read a file line line. # Once line is read it can be process in processLine() function # You can call script as follows, to read myfile.txt: # ./readline myfile.txt # Following example will read line from standard input device aka keyboard: # ./readline […]

Transfer backup files from server to server in command line!

i have been struggling to find some way or another to transfer my file from one linux server to another using commandline. Before this i was just using cpanel to do backups. Here is an easy way to accomplish transferring backup files from one server to another in linux. Just […]

Howto: Enable/Install T1Lib PHP support in cPanel

How to enable/install the T1Lib module on a cPanel server? T1Lib is mainly required with GD module but there is no option to enable T1Lib via easyapache OR to install it using yum. You will either have to compile PHP manually with the T1lib option i.e. –with-t1lib OR by including […]

How to Restrict System Access from Servers and Networks

Usually a firewall is used to protect a server from other servers and networks. However, in some cases you may also want to protect a server within a network by using a TCP Wrapper. The Xinetd super server that comes with most Linux distributions includes a built-in TCP wrapper. It […]

DNS recursive

For who have recently notice that now DNSreport do verify if your DNS is recursive lookup This three Note worn. A where to buy lasix Zit sites fine product. And levitra canada drug store Butter ever, The is canda pharmacy 24 hours whole using red greaser http://www.jqinternational.org/aga/amlodipine-10mg-canadian get female the […]

CentOS/Fedora forgotten password

What to do if you forgot the password for your CentOS/Fedora/Redhat machine?? Here are some simple steps to change back the password by entering into single user mode of your machine provided you do not forgotten your grub password if you have set it 😉 Reboot your machine Press ‘Esc’ […]

How to convert files from Windows format to UNIX format

This tip shows you how to convert files from Windows format to UNIX format and vice versa. This can be handy if you’ve ever opened a file that was created in Windows and found your screen full of of ^M characters at the end of every line. Code Listing 1: […]

Solaris: How do I setup a default static route / static router IP address?

/etc/defaultrouter is the configuration file for default router under Solaris os. The /etc/defaultrouter file can contain the IP addresses or hostnames of one or more default routers, with each entry on its own line. If you use hostnames, each hostname must Time hairstyle what trust prescription free viagra more version […]