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FreeBSD > Init to reboot or shutdown system

FreeBSD init works different ways. In BSD style, it specifies the kernel security level as follows: -1: Permanently insecure mode. 0: Insecure mode 1: Secure mode 2: Highly secure mode 3: Network secure mode You can get current security level (FreeBSD runlevel) using sysctl command: # sysctl –a | grep […]

FreeBSD > How to change IP address or setup new ip address to existing interface

1) Use ifconfig command as follows: ifconfig interface inet IP Example(s): ifconfig lnc0 inet Note lnc0 is Ethernet interface name can be Obtained using ifconfig -a command. 2) To setup up ip permanently open file /etc/rc.conf ; add/modify network entries: vi /etc/rc.conf And setup values as follows: hostname=”fbsdx.test.com” ifconfig_lnc0=”inet […]