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Howto Install Nano/Pico on FreeBSD from ports collection

I’ve never got to grips with using ‘vi’ to edit files from the command line. So one of the first things I need to do is configure the nano/pico text editor so I can properly edit and save out files. Here’s a nice and simple howto get nano running on […]

FreeBSD: Customize Home, Del, Insert keys for BASH shell

By default when you use FreeBSD’s BASH shell and if you hit Home, Del, Insert keys all of them just prints ~ (some garbage is printed ). To get rid of this problem, edit /etc/profile file and define key binding. 1) Open your bash global profile file: # vi /etc/profile […]

FreeBSD: HowTo Start / Stop / Restart Network and Routing Service

FreeBSD is a Unix-like free operating system. You can install to choose third party software on FreeBSD from the Ports Collection. Many services such as POP3 server daemons, IMAP, etc. could be started using the inetd. However, networking can be stop or started using special script located in /etc/rc.d/ directory. […]

SSH Public Key Based Authentication – Howto

The SSH protocol is recommended for remote login and remote file transfer which provides confidentiality and security for data exchanged between two computer systems, through the use of public key cryptography. The OpenSSH server provides this kind of setup under Linux. It is installed by default. This how-to covers generating […]

FreeBSD Display Information About The System Hardware

FreeBSD comes with different utilities, which can be use to gathered the information as per your needs. uname command is use to print system information. dmesg command is use to print kernel ring buffer information. sysctl command is use to configure kernel parameters at runtime as well as to read […]

HOWTO: Using Nginx

This instruction describes how to use nginx as reverse proxy for apache, also I’ll show some tips how use nginx for heavy loaded sites. Majority of my servers are freebsd boxes, so this howto oriented on freebsd, but I’ll show some tips for linux too. Nginx is a free, open-source, […]

Shell script to General FreeBSD and Linux System information

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