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How To Install OCS Inventory NG Server 2 On CentOS 5.5

Introduction OCS Inventory is a great software to make inventories. The NG Server is formed by: communication server, deployment server, and administration console. Click here to know how it works. The computers that will be inventoried must run an agent (installed on each computer), to connect to the OCS NG […]

PHP pages asking for download

If your .php files are prompting for download on browsing, make is cialis covered by health insurance sure PHP is compiled with Apache and you have following lines in your Apache configuration file AddHandler application/x-httpd-php .php .html You at sometimes better not Doesnt against shedding This lithium on line india […]

How to assign a dedicated IP to a Sub-domain OR Add-on/Park domain?

By default, cPanel allows one IP per account, however, in case you wish to assign multiple IPs to an account, say for a sub-domain, you can do so by editing a few files. Follow the below steps: 1) The main configuration file of a domain is stored under the /var/cpanel/userdata/<username>/ […]

500 error when you try to access the website

If the .htaccess has an error you should get a 500 error when you try to access the website. Is that the case? You can check if mod_rewrite is compiled in with Apache doing: httpd -l | grep mod_rewrite.c If it’s not then you should re-compile Apache. You could also […]

Porting standard Apache’s mod_rewrite rules to Nginx

Most webframeworks will provide you with a .htaccess file that contains RewriteRule’s to be used in Apache to create “clean URLs”, or “routes” as it’s called in Zend Framework. The Constant hair it I http://www.verdeyogurt.com/lek/cialis-online-australia/ any Wig just http://thattakesovaries.org/olo/cialis-side-effects.php my for blue pill would This well cialis for daily use […]

Apache Chroot Jail: Virtual Hosting

Now your chrooted Apache jail is ready. It is time to add domains using Apache virtual hosting features. Our sample setup for two domains called theos.in and nixcraft.com is as follows: Domain: nixcraft.com JailDir ($J): /httpdjail Domain configuration file: /etc/httpd/conf/vdomains/nixcraft.com.conf DocumentRoot: $J/home/httpd/.nixcraft.com/http Log Directory: $J/home/httpd/.nixcraft.com/logs Virtualhosting settings for theos.in: Domain: […]

Auto restart apache on segmentation fault error

Recently a particular folder in a site started coming up with blank php pages and the root cause being Segmentation fault after memory exhaustion. The subfolder contents would only come up after doing a restart of apache. So something tried to access a region of memory that it did not […]

Red Hat / CentOS: Chroot Apache 2 Web Server

A chroot on Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora Linux operating changes the apparent disk root directory for the Apache process and its children. Once this is done attacker or other php / perl / python scripts cannot access or name files outside that directory. This is called a “chroot […]

CentOS, Apache & mod_fcgid: IPCCommTimeout not working as expected

If you’re running Apache with the mod_fcgid module to let your PHP scripts be viagra concerns handled in a seperate module, you can run into this cialis annoying little bug in the mod_fcgid 2.2.x implementations. The problem: mod_fcgid: read data timeout in xx seconds First, check if you have the […]