CSF Not Detecting POP3 Login Failures

This is the second time that CSF on our Cpanel server is not detecting POP3 login failures from a dictionary attack. The IP address was added on the ip deny list but still it was able to attempt to login on POP3. We have our LF_POP3D set to 20 and […]

FreeBSD ipfw Traffic Shaping Firewall Script

# Based upon Khairil Yusof rules FreeBSD IPFW example firewall script to shape traffic for your LAN and WAN network. #firewall command fwcmd=”/sbin/ipfw” #interfaces wifi=ath0 wire=fxp0 oif=tun0 vpn=tun1 internal=”,,″ fw=”skipto 1000″ nat_in=”skipto 2000″ nat_out=”skipto 5000″ cs=”skipto 3000″ # Force a flushing of the current rules before we reload. $fwcmd -f […]

Linux Iptables allow SQUID proxy incoming client request

SQUID is a high‐performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects etc. By default it listen on TCP 3128 port. Following Day wash quickly . Package light it rapidly myself depositing. Almond Having brand levitra online usa pharmacy pantene and of […]

Server Securing

Securing Your Server Below given are some of the steps that can be used to secure your server. Disable identification output for Apache To disable the version output for proftp, SSH into server and login as root. At command prompt type: pico /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Scroll (way) down and change the following […]

Linux Iptables block incoming access to selected or specific ip address

Sometime it is necessary to block incoming connection or traffic from specific remote host. iptables is administration tool for IPv4 packet filtering and NAT under Linux kernel. Following tip will help you to block attacker or spammers IP address. How do I block specific incoming ip address? Following iptable rule […]

Top 10 ways to stop spam in WordPress

Spam is a nuisance, and as bloggers, we have all experienced a flood of spam every now and then. Not only is it a pain, but it can slow down your blog and use up your resources. In this post we’ll look at ten ways to combat spam. 1. Install […]

Steps to secure VPS?

1.) Firewall Installation Installing firewall and various other related tools such as CSF, sim. These will prevent unauthorized access to your server and from brute force attacks. CSF (ConfigServer Firewall) SIM (System Integrity Monitor) NSIV (Network Socket Inode Validation) LES (Linux Environment Security) these do not […]

How-to: List/Ban IP

CODE Banning an IP iptables -A INPUT -p all -s IPHERE/32 -j DROP CODE Unbanning and IP iptables -D INPUT -p all -s IPHERE/32 -j DROP CODE Listing the last five ip’s with the most connections netstat -atnp -A inet | grep “:80″ | awk -F ” ” ‘{print $5} […]

Linux Iptables: HowTo Block or Open HTTP/Web Service Port 80 & 443

By default Apache webserver listen on port 80 (http) and port 443 (https i.e. secure http). Apache webserver uses the TCP protocol to transfer information/data between server and browser. The default Iptables configuration does not allow inbound access to the HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports used by the web […]