Shell Script for Disk Space Notification

The Disk Space Notification script can be scheduled

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to run once in a week which will check the Disk Space Usage on the server. The Shell script will send out an email to the admin if the Disk Space Usage is greater than the Threshold.

Create a file /home/ and paste the following code in it:



    #Threshold is set to 70 here.

    rm -f $TEMPFILE

    #Calculate the Current Disk Usage with the below command.
    CDU=$(df -h | tail -1 | awk ‘{print $5}’ | sed ‘s/%//’)

    #Compare the current value with the threshold one.
    if [ $(expr $CDU ">=" $THRESHOLD) -ne 0 ]
    echo “Warning!!! Disk Space usage on server $HOSTNAME is ${CDU}%” >> $TEMPFILE

    #Send an email if /tmp/diskspace.temp is present.
    if [ -e $TEMPFILE ]
    mail -s “Disk Space Notification” $MAILTO < $TEMPFILE

    rm -f $TEMPFILE


Save the file. Now you need to schedule a cron to execute the script once in a week.

crontab -e

and set the following cronjob:

0 1 * * 0 /bin/sh /home/

Save the file and restart the crond service. The cronjob will now execute on Sunday at 1.00AM and will send a notification if the disk space usage on the server is above the threshold.

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