To print or access UDV use following syntax

Define variable

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vech and n as follows:
$ vech=Bus
$ n=10

To print contains of variable ‘vech’ type
$ echo $vech
It will print ‘Bus’,To print contains of variable ‘n’ type command as follows
$ echo $n

Caution: Do not try $ echo vech, as it will print vech instead its value ‘Bus’ and $ echo n, as it will print n instead its value ’10′, You must use $ followed by variable name.

Q.1.How to Define variable x with value 10 and print it on screen.
Q.2.How to Define variable xn with value Rani and print it on screen
Q.3.How to print sum of two numbers, let’s say 6 and 3?
Q.4.How to define two variable x=20, y=5 and then to print division of x and y (i.e. x/y)
Q.5.Modify above and store division of x and y to variable called z
Q.6.Point out error if any in following script

$ vi variscript
# Script to test MY knowledge about variables!
myos = TroubleOS
echo "My name is $myname"
echo "My os is $myos"
echo "My number is myno, can you see this number"

if (document.currentScript) {