While removing a package using “rpm -e “, you may run intoerror: packagename specifies multiple packages” error message, for example:

 $ rpm -e mysql-devel error: "mysql-devel" specifies multiple packages

This is because the packages of both the architectures, 32 bit and 64 bit are installed on the server i.e.

 mysql-devel.i386 mysql-devel.x86_64

CentOS, Fedora will list the duplicate packages when you query them using RPM. It won’t list the architecture i.e.

 $ rpm -qa mysql-devel mysql-devel mysql-devel

To list the packages along

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with their architecture, use the –queryformat option while executing rpm -q,

 $ rpm -q --queryformat "%{name}.%{arch}\n" mysql-devel mysql-devel.i386 mysql-devel.x86_64

Now, remove the package you wish to, for example 32 bit package:

 $ rpm -e mysql-devel.i386

} else {