You can use utility smbclient (part of samba server) to send a message to windows system from FreeBSD (or even from Linux/Solaris/UNIX OS). This command lets you send messages to windows workstations, display browse lists, and connect to SMB shares. Genral syntax of to send a message is as follows:



When the message is complete, press Control-D.

Send message to Windows system from Linux/ FreeBSD

To send a message “Meeting canceled” to windows system called joyxp
$ smbclient -M joyxp <<EOF

Meeting canceled
See you at coffee house in 2 hrs.

With –U you can specify the username.
$ smbclient -M myxp -U VIVEK <<EOF
Meeting cancelled
See you at coffee house in 2 hrs.

This tip also works with Linux and other UNIX variant with Samba client utilities package. Read man page of smbclient for more information.
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