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Server Securing

Securing Your Server Below given are some of the steps that can be used to secure your server. Disable identification output for Apache To disable the version output for proftp, SSH into server and login as root. At command prompt type: pico /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Scroll (way) down and change the following line to ServerSignature Off Restart [...]

Migrate a DirectAdmin Server to a new DirectAdmin Server

One day my client asked me to migrate a Direct Admin Server to NEW server with improved hardware. He wants this migration with minimum down time. Below are the steps which I did for this migration. 01. Check the current versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL and then number of IPs on current running server. [...]

Cacti, DirectAdmin : Install Spine 0.8.7d as a poller instead of a default one.

I would like to use Spine instead of default Cacti’s poller. At first, I’m thinking about to use Dag repository. It should work easily if I don’t have DirectAdmin installed. However, I do have DirectAdmin installed and that caused dependencies problem when I tried to yum install it. So, I need to compile Spine by [...]

Replace normal ” Build-in InnoDB” with “InnoDB Plugin” under DirectAdmin + CentOS 64 bits + MySQL 5.1

For some reason, under CentOS, Custombuild in DirectAdmin use “MySQL – Generic Linux (glibc 2.3) (x86, 64-bit) RPM file” instead of MySQL RPM files for Redhat. The different for these 2 packages are that, RPM for Redhat contain “ha_innodb_plugin.so” but not in Generic RPM package. Compare files in Plugin folder on two different RPM.   [...]

Setting up mail.domain.com as default for new domains on directadmin.

1) You’ll need to setup the virtualhost for apache.  This can be accomplished by adding a 2nd virtualhost along side the domains main one. cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates cp virtual_host.conf custom cd custom You’ll need to edit the newly copied virtual_host.conf (or virtual_host2.conf if you’re using apache 2) file and make the file look like (just add [...]

Allow php scripts to work under ~username when using suPhp (custombuild)

By default, suPhp is compiled in “paranoid” mode.  This means that the settings in the user httpd.conf files: suPHP_UserGroup username username will require all php files to be owned by username or suPhp will throw a “500 Internal Server Error”. This does not apply to domains, when used normally, because each domain has it’s own [...]

HOW-TO: SFTP support in ProFTPD

DA comes with support for ProFTPD mod_tls however there are several problems with mod_tls. 1) It only encrypts the control channel of FTP, leaving the actual data transferred still in clear text. 2) That also causes problems with FTP traversal of firewalls since the firewall can’t see which ports are going to be needed, although [...]

[ HOW-TO] Install XCache on CentOS 5.2 64-bit that has DirectAdmin installed

First of all, if you are using DirectAdmin in PHP-CGI (suPHP) mode, don’t waste your time follow this HOW-TO. Although these steps work with PHP-CGI but you will get nothing from doing it. For PHP-CLI, I found that it help to decrease my server load from about 10 or more down to about 1 but [...]

Use Nginx as a reverse proxy for DirectAdmin

I try to use Nginx as a reverse proxy to see if there is any improvement over Apache Worker MPM or not. I found an instruction from DirectAdmin webboard but it’s quite old. So, I just tried to follow their steps and do some modification to match what I have read. Below is what I [...]

Updating DirectAdmin Manually

If you need to update your copy of DirectAdmin manually, you can do so by running the following commands:cd /usr/local/directadmin wget -O update.tar.gz https://www.directadmin.com/cgi-bin/daupdate?uid=123\&lid=1234 tar xvzf update.tar.gz ./directadmin p cd scripts ./update.sh service directadmin restart Where 123 and 1234 are your Client ID and License ID, respectively. Note that if you are running FreeBSD, you [...]

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